Quingo Flyte – A Hero and a Fond Memory

With the launch of our new Quingo Flyte website we were looking back and found one of our outright favourite stories from a few years ago.

Here at Quingo, we pride ourselves on being able to support people through their senior years and providing a great solution for everyone and we especially love to be of help to veterans.

D-Day Veteran Loves his Flyte

Gordon Prime of Jameston, Pembrokeshire, has had his life revolutionised by his Quingo Flyte.

Gordon, a war veteran who served in WWII for the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC), was a dispatch rider during the Normandy Landings but, when the driver was killed, he ended up driving an ammunition truck off his landing craft.

Gordon described this as “pretty hairy” as bullets whizzed around the truck full of live ammo!

He then went on to ride his motorcycle throughout the European Theatre of War delivering vital supplies, ammunition and messages, while under constant fire, and tragically lost his best friend, Bert Stinchcombe, just ten days before Germany surrendered.

For his brave actions in liberating France he was awarded the Legion d’Honneur.

He recently sent us this stunning photograph of himself on the Flyte next to a legendary Spitfire fighter when he visited an air show.

Gordon Prime on his Quingo Flyte in front of a Spitfire

He also talked to us about his Flyte.

“I’ve had scooters before, yes, but these were too small for a good day out or too large to be easily stowed in the back of the car. The Flyte however is perfect. It’s light, compact and, incredibly, loads its self into the boot of my Renault Modus.”

Gordon has always had a soft spot for vehicles and, after leaving the Army in 1947, worked as an air marshal at Birmingham Airport and then Lucas Industries before spending over 25 years at Dunlop where he was involved in many of the innovations we take for granted today:

“From starting my work life in the army, engines and mechanics were always a keen interest of mine and have followed me through a career of working with aircrafts, motorbikes and mechanical testing of an array of different vehicles. The Quingo Flyte appealed to me because it’s nimble and well designed to manoeuvre through life in the easiest possible way – though at a somewhat slower speed than the Matchless, Triumph, BSA and Kawasaki bikes of my younger days!”

The fact that Gordon is so impressed with his Quingo is, for us, a matter of great pride considering his history with innovation in vehicles, if anyone can judge a vehicle’s performance it is Gordon!

Now aged 92, Gordon is getting out and about more than he has in years and he credits his Quingo Flyte for this: “It makes everything so easy. The Quingo stays in the car, I can charge it in the car and only take it out when I’m out for the day.

“Recently, the Antiques Roadshow visited Pembroke Castle and, though it’s only five or so miles from me, the castle is set on a steep hill which is difficult to climb. But with the Quingo? No problem! I was able to scoot easily to the top and show the experts several documents I have saved since D-Day.”

Having this level of flexibility has helped Gordon plan his time better. This year, he aims to use his scooter to help him fundraise for the British Legion’s Poppy Appeal – a cause Gordon has supported since 1948, the year after he left the forces.

As for leisure time, several autumnal jaunts to Tenby Castle and harbour are planned, as are longer trips to South Wales’ Pendine Sands.

“Whether it’s completing daily tasks, supporting our service men and women through the Legion or enjoying more time outside, my Quingo Flyte scooter has absolutely transformed my life – I wish I’d bought one years ago!”

Gordon continues to enjoy his Flyte!

Designed with active and fulfilling lives in mind the self-loading Flyte, like all Quingo scooters, features the benefits of Quintell™ Technologies to offer maximum safety, agility, comfort and stability.

The signature use of five wheels, rather than the traditional four or three, makes Quingos even smoother to travel – handling curbs, bumps and uneven pavements with the greatest of ease.

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