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Quingo Flyte: a genuine breakthrough
in portable mobility.


The Flyte offers a powerful portable mobility scooter that you don't have to lift and with our inprovements to the MK2 docking station it is even easier to lift and fit.


Winner of the 2015 Reva International Innovation Award, it’s now even easier to use, even for one person, and requires no more effort than that of closing a car's tailgate. Clever folding means you don’t even have to remove the Flyte’s comfortable chair! 

Flyte mobility scooters can load and unload themselves into most small hatchback, estate cars or SUVs (SUV kit required) in less than 60 seconds with speed automatically controlled. The built-in guide rails safely direct the Flyte to ground level.

Quingo Flyte: The portable that offers big scooter performance.

The Flyte is a next generation 5 wheel mobility scooter that provides exceptional stability, agility and comfort with its unique Tri-steering configuration.


It uses 4 ultra slim powerful batteries 
providing a range of up to 23 miles (37km) on a single charge. With the optional extender pack, this range can be increased up to 34 miles (54km).


The Flyte’s elevated seating position makes it ideal for in-store browsing, while its advanced posture control and adaptive footplates mean you’ll be safer and more comfortable even on longer journeys.

All of this means you can enjoy big scooter performance in a small scooter.

Quingo Flyte:
no special tools or

modifcations required. 

The Flyte's Docking Station is as unique as the scooter itself and its lightweight sliding ramps, the heaviest component weighs only 8.9kg, combined with its simple two button remote, makes the whole process safe, quick and easy.


When transporting your Flyte, the whole mobility scooter is locked safely into place within your car until you are ready to use it again, no heavy, loose components rattling around in the boot and  the new design also allows you to retain use of your rear seats when the ramps are removed from the frame.


If you need the space back in your car, the docking station dismantles with the minimum of effort meaning any car can revert to normal use, quickly with no special modifications or tools required.



Flyte Self Loading
Remotely loads & unloads in under 60 seconds with it's unique removable Docking Station!
Flyte Remote

Easy remote control loading


No heavy lifting or dismantling

Independence like never before


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