Reva Award Winner – Quingo Flyte Mobility Scooter

Following it’s launch in 2014 the Flyte,with it’s docking station, almost immediately became a Reva award winner in 2015.

The Flyte became a Reva award winner of the International Innovation class due to it’s ground breaking design and capabilities.

Reva award winner the Quingo Flyte


Since then the Flyte has enjoyed great success and has many avid fans of it’s ability to load, or unload, itself, at the touch of a button in to a hatchback or SUV in under 60 seconds.

Very good. I’m now able to start to get about, the scooter is very smooth to ride on flat or uneven ground. I can get up and down kerbs with ease. The remote control is a blessing to get it in and out of the car. It folds down in seconds and very easy to do. I’m very pleased with my purchase. – Mrs Smith

However here at Quingo we don’t like to rest on our laurels and we wanted to make it even easier to lift the docking station ramps. The whole point of the Flyte was to remove the need for any heavy lifting for the scooter owner. So with this in mind we set about reducing the weight of the docking station substantially and the MK2 docking station was conceived and created.

Reva award winner docking station improved

As with every 5-wheel Quingo you get the benefits of Quintell™ Technologies. These worlwide patented designs can only be featured in the Quingo five wheel range of scooters.

What we call the Quingo Advantage are a unique blend of designs that come together to offer significant enhancements over both 3 and 4 wheel designs.

Our feet forward design grants the driver up to 80% more footroom than an equivalent 4 wheel design and yet our Active Tri-Wheel Steering allows for a turning circle equal to a 3-wheel configuration.

Our 5-wheel system offers kerb climbing and descent, at up to a 45° angle, something that is just not possible on other designs.

Our Kerbmaster™ eliminates beeching and tipping in one elegant, self-engaging system.

All of these contribute to the exceptional stability our scooters feature making you safer.

Our Quintell™ Posture Control system gives superior comfort with fully adjustable footplates, seat and tiller all working together to give you an ergonomically correct seating position, alleviating strain on key points of your body.

So, if you want to experience a Reva award winner for yourself you should take a test drive on our self-loading mobility scooter that redefines the portable scooter genre.

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