The best car boot mobility scooter – Flyte or Ultra?

The are many opinions as to which is the best car boot mobility scooter.

Having been in the mobility business for 3 generations the family behind Quingo have seen designs come and go. Some remain ever present as their, albeit flawed designs, do offer a solution.

AVC decided from its inception that the mobility scooter, and particularly the car boot scooter, was best sent back to the drawing board for a radical rethink!

The best car boot mobility scooter is one that fulfils a need, enhances your life and offers a solution to a given challenge.

Quingo have come up with two different car boot mobility scooter models, the Ultra and the Flyte, we leave it up to you to choose which suits your lifestyle and needs best.

The Ultra is a take-apart car boot mobility scooter using the best materials to keep the components lightweight. The chassis is made from aluminium and the bodywork ABS meaning the effort needed to get the components in to your car is reduced.

The Ultra could it be the best car boot mobility scooter?

You can even configure your Ultra with just two of the four batteries (with a reduced potential range) so you don’t have to lift as many batteries.

The Ultra also features an off-vehicle charging system for your convenience, though you can still charge your scooter with the batteries in situ if that is your preference. This off-vehicle charging system also permits you to use the scooter with two batteries while you charge the other two. This is the kind of flexibility that makes it possibly the best car boot mobility scooter available.

“It’s brilliant; simply brilliant! Whoever thought of it is a genius. It’s easy to take out of the car, put together and bingo! Off I go. I am really chuffed with your company.” – Mr Hunt

But wait a moment there is the other car boot mobility scooter in the range that may even beat that, the Flyte.

With its ability to self-load and unload in to the boots of almost any hatchback or SUV, and in under sixty seconds, the Flyte, with its Docking Station, is truly a remarkable piece of engineering.

The Flyte's bid for the title of best car boot mobility scooter

“The scooter is fine thank you. In fact I took it with me when I went away to Minehead for the weekend and it was excellent. I certainly generated an audience when it came to unloading and loading the scooter.” – Mr Sutton

The beauty of the Flyte is this is all achieved at the touch of a button with absolutely no heavy lifting on your part!

Both of these car boot mobility scooters benefit from the best of our Quintell™ innovations that grant up to 80% more legroom. Our adaptive footplates fully adjustable seats and tillers ensure you will experience great comfort. Your safety is taken care of by our anti-tip/anti beach KerbMaster™ system. Tri-wheel steering ensures outstanding manoeuvrability. The two together also combine to make climbing kerbs at an angle of up to forty-five degrees possible, something no other scooter can offer.

“Everything is fine and I am absolutely delighted with my scooters. I am mainly using the smaller one at the moment and I find that I can get it in and out of the car boot easily. It has very sharp turning, far better than my old scooter and I can get around the shops easily now.” – Mrs Dawkins

There is a trend for people to want a folding scooter but, at Quingo, we see significant drawbacks to this design and think that a folding design is better suited to a powered wheelchair such as our Connect.

So, in conclusion both the take-apart Ultra and the self-loading Flyte could quite easily make a claim to be the best car boot mobility scooter

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