Only a Quingo mobility scooter offers it’s unique, patented 5 wheel stability system. By utilising 5 wheels you can turn more sharply without tipping. In addition, because Quingo scooters do not have wheel arches your feet are placed on footplates stretching your legs out and moving your weight more centrally. This forward sitting position means safer weight distribution for hills and bumps.

Even in extreme situations Quingo’s active tri-wheel steering easily navigates and stabilises your scooter on uneven gradients smoothly and safely.

Innovative Patented 5 Wheel Stability System

Benefits of our 5 wheel system include:

  • Unrivaled turning circle without the risk of toppling over
  • Superior control on inclines,slopes and rough terrain.

As well as the 5 wheel stability system, Quingo scooters’ forward sitting position means a center of gravity that is further forward than other scooter, which improves stability on steep hills, high kerbs as well as aiding steering traction.

KerbMaster ™

KerbMaster is another patented innovation unique to Quingo scooters. The issue with traditional anti-tip wheels on the rear of mobility scooters, is that they cause the scooter to become beached if the kerb is too high, leaving you stranded.

KerbMaster™ completely eliminates the possibility of this, automatically powering you and your Quingo out of danger. It also reduces the shock when descending higher kerbs as well as providing comprehensive anti-tip protection.

Frazer Nash Agility and Stability Analysis

Our dedicated design team here at Quingo commissioned Frazer Nash, a world-class engineering technology organisation to conduct agility and stability analysis comparing a selection of traditional three wheel scooters to Quingo’s scooters and concluded with the following:

  • The 5 wheel Quingo remains stable on the flat and on inclines at significantly higher velocities than their 3 wheel counterparts.
  • They were also able to descend notably higher kerbs without tipping.