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Customers tell us about their Flyte Scooters

Mr Pointon - "I'm getting on pretty well with my Flyte thank you. It's brilliant going round the supermarket; I can do a full 360 degree turn in the aisles in one go!" Vehicle: Ford BMax

Mr Buckley - "From demonstration to delivery, there has been no hassle and no pressure. Every question was answered fully. The scooter is brilliant and I also use it in an Office environment where it copes very well. You won't know this but I also use a powered wheelchair. When I am out in the chair, I am ignored totally but when I am on my Flyte, people are always stopping me and asking me about my scooter. And when I am loading or unloading the scooter, everyone wants a go on it!" Vehicle: BMW 1 Series

Mr Savage - "I am getting on well with the Flyte which is very stable. The mirrors are very successful and have been well chosen for the job. All of your people couldn't have been more helpful." Vehicle: Skoda Yeti

Mr Thompson - "I am getting on very well with my Flyte; it's really brilliant" Vehicle: Ssangyong Tivoli

Mr Brown - "I took my scooter out yesterday and explored parts of the Town I had not seen for quite some time. I am delighted with the scooter's ability to tackle rough ground" - Vehicle: Citroen Berlingo

Mrs Naish - "I am thrilled to bits with my Flyte. It is making such a change to my life and has given me back my independence. It's absolutely fabulous! I will recommend you to everyone." Vehicle: Nissan Nv 200

Mr Clarke - "I'm having a whale of a time with my scooter; it's a real boon. Very useful". Vehicle: Hyundai I20

Mr Cowburn - "The scooter is very nice and I enjoy being able to get around. I can still drive but I can only walk about 100 yards before I become breathless so using the scooter has really opened up the world again for me." Vehicle: Renault Megane Estate

Mr Blundell, On behalf of her husband, Mrs Blundell said "The scooter is great actually and he's found it really good. His former scooter was very unstable by comparison". Vehicle: Volvo XC60

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