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Quingo Flyte – In the rough!

We just had a great conversation with Customer Mr John Allen who is over the moon with his new Quingo Flyte and has been taking advantage of the newfound freedom it has given him.

He recently went on a bit of an expedition in the wilds of Penbrokeshire and he kindly sent us an email which we would like to share with you all

Here, in his own words and pictures is the adventure!

"There is a site on the web dealing with "Scooter Friendly" paths in Pembrokeshire so I decided to have a look.

The paths are in many cases quite rough a bumpy but the Flyte handled them with ease. It's very good on steep slopes also especially those in an area called Stackpole although the battery range gets shortened a bit.

My wife is a professional artist and as can be seen, found the Quingo to be very useful as a seat when sketching the landscape.

I hope that you find the photo's interesting.

Cheers John"

You can see more pictures HERE

Do you have any similar stories about your Quingo and the independence they can bring to your life? Please feel free to call me on 01582 430885 just ask for Giles!

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